PCB Quotation

     2-layer board with the defaulted property can be completed in 1 day and 4-layer board with the defaulted property can be completed in 2 day, if you can place the order before 6:00 pm everyday, otherwise the project will be started in the next day.

Process of PCB/PCBA

Best way to choose property of PCB prototyping 

For getting PCB in an efficient way, we suggest the defaulted property.

Tip: Another way for quotation

1. Material: Alumium board, Flexible circuit board

2. Surface finish: OSP, Hard Gold

3. Small batch prototyping

And so on..

(If find there's no property you can choose and need, please contact sales@juvtmall.com for competitive price.)


1.Place order on this page and choose corresponding property

2.Upload Gerber file

The Gerber file should include:


3.Pay for the order

4.Lead time

Project will be started in 24h after receiving your payment, and we will send an e-mail to inform you that the project is started,

2-layer board costs 1 day,

4-layer board costs about 2 days,

6-layer board costs about 3-4 days. ( all are based on defaulted property)


Please email sales@juvtmall.com for more informations.



1. PCB fee will be showed to you once choose the property and uploaded the Gerber file.

2. Stencil ( Some one may need order a stencil)

Notice: if select stencil, the quotation just include stencil fee, not including the shipping fee

If components are needed to be ordered from foreign countries, taxes and any extra fees will be charged in the payment.


When the project is completed, we will ship it to you using DHL, which will take 3-5 business days.

In the PCBA service, normally, stencil won't be shipped to you unless you need it and are willing to pay the extra shiping fee.

Your stencil will be stored by us for free, if you do the same order the next time, there is no need to purchase extra stencil fee for the same Gerber.


Please submit the address, post code, phone number and your name, if wanna change your receive address, please contact us as soon as possible before we ship out the package.